What Clients Say

“I consulted Lida via Skype, she was referred to me by a friend at a time when I was in a major life crisis. Lida’s expertise in energy healing and her compassionate care have helped me to move from a fearful state into an empowered one.

Today I feel strong and self-confident, even my physical posture has changed. I now know I have everything it takes to create a new life.

If you want to move forward and become the best version of yourself, I highly recommend Lida’s services. She is an experienced therapist over many modalities and she practises with integrity and professional care.”


Yoga Teacher and Therapist

“Through my 12 sessions with Lida I learnt how to release my frustrations, I learnt to let go of fears using the Tapping method. Lida introduced me to relevant literature that helped me to reconsider my belief about what great health really is.

My general health changed for the better by learning about the benefits of pro-biotic supplements.

I realised that products containing dairy and gluten hindered my wellbeing and in some ways nurtured the depression. I now feel empowered to guide myself through health and emotionally difficult times. I know I’m on the road to full recovery.”


Brisbane, Australia

“Lida had an amazing ability to discern the core issues that were keeping me stuck. In every session she skilfully guided me to find my own answers.

After each session my life moved forward and I was able to instantly apply strategies learnt and experienced within the session.

I had consulted other therapists in the past but I had never experienced such an accelerated change before.

After just ten Skype sessions with her I feel strong and self-confident, my life has changed for the better and I feel able to take on new challenges both professional and personal.”



“I sought help from Lida regarding a change I was initiating. Other parts of my life came up in our sessions, as one issue is never an island. I want to describe her counselling as seamless and encapsulating. Intuitive, intelligent, very experienced and she is a kind person.

She is an energy healer as well, which I didn’t take that much advantage of. I talked a lot with her and didn’t spend as much time on the healing energy table as I think now I should have. But that was my choice.

I think that’s what I mean by seamless, she will talk with you and then can work energetically with you, which is a blend of Reiki and other stuff that all works seamlessly and intuitively together for your overall and progressive benefit.

If you take the opportunity, find some silence within yourself and get on the table as the work she does in that regard I found to be very profound and healing. The energetic healing continues for days after the session in its own perfect and gentle (and blessedly surprising) way.

After writing this review, I consider Lida my counsellor and I have a lot of respect for. I highly recommend her.”

R Bond

Brisbane, Australia

“Thanks to the sessions with Lida, I am now able to better cope with life situations that used to overwhelm me in the past. I attended the Reiki one workshop and as a result, I now feel that I am better able to understand people. And this has made relationships easier.

I am also connecting more deeply with what makes me happy and I now know that I can now achieve my dreams.

Lida has a very warm presence and amazing knowledge. With her guidance and strategies, I am moving forward in my life with a positive outlook.

If you want to change your way in life, I highly recommend Lida. Lida, I am ever so grateful for all your help and guidance. I thank you for your part in my journey.”


Brisbane, Australia

“Lida, your teachings have brought me so much on the spiritual plane and on a personal level that you have remained for me a guide to whom I make constant reference.

The philosophy of Ayurveda was a revelation for me and to be able to massage in that spirit has filled me with joy and plenitude.

The love and the energy that I am able to transmit in each massage is so clearly perceived that each time clients thank me and they all return.

I have been able to meet some wonderful people and share a moment of their life which is often difficult for them. To be able to bring them comfort, physical well- being and support in this way has really restored my own self-confidence.

I incessantly think back to our training and to the other participants. Each one of us was important! We each had our special place and role to play in the workshop, for together and individually we contributed teachings for our minds and our spirits. The connections woven with Yann and Vanessa are profound and we are all connected to you.

As if a thread of transparent silk united us. Thank you for your Light.”



“Lida is a highly skilled therapist & a beautiful soul. I have learnt so much from her and feel I now have the “tools” to live my life with confidence, grace and an overflowing heart! I also completed Reiki 1 workshop with Lida, a great weekend of learning & practising! I now plan to do Reiki 2! Thank you for everything Lida. “


Brisbane, Australia

“Lida, you are a wonderful teacher. I have loved being in your presence, listening to your expression. I feel very calm and in-spired after your Level One Reiki workshop.”


Massage Therapist
Brisbane, Australia

“We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to activate changes that were sustainably positive thanks to your counsel and healing!”

Joëlle and Henry


“Lida has helped me so much since I started seeing her. I feel so much more grounded and in control of my life. She has helped me work on my confidence and this has made me feel a lot more comfortable with who I am. I cannot thank you enough.”


Brisbane, Australia

“Reiki is an immense energy and after this two day workshop, I can feel it. Two days ago I felt nervous, now I feel lots of energy, and I am relaxed and happy. My hands have become very sensitive and heat up. I am buzzing with energy and I feel more open-minded and ready to embrace a new dimension of healing.”


Brisbane, Australia

“The Reiki One Workshop was truly transformational. The amount of joy and peace I have received is beyond words. Furthermore, I feel a greater insight and awareness over my ego. I would 100% recommend healing sessions with Lida and/or a Reiki Initiation. She is a highly skilled healer and an amazing human being.”

Nic. L.

Brisbane, Australia

“Lida is a wealth of knowledge and a master at her craft. Loved completing the Reiki level one with her and look forward to furthering my reiki to the next level.”

Tanya Deary

Brisbane, Australia

“Thank you to Lida for the changes she has helped me achieve. Her finely tuned skills and intuition are wonderful and bring about positive outcomes quickly. I highly recommend Lida to clear the fog and the blockages that you experience so that you are back at your full potential.”

Valerie Perrret

Brisbane, Australia

“Lida is very welcoming and supportive. She knows her clients well, even after just a few visits. After 3 months of working with Lida I am feeling like my true self, and enjoying life again. Highly recommend and worth every cent.”

Laura Earl

Brisbane, Australia

“My life and my vision of life itself has changed in a positive way since my sessions with Lida. I am far more aware of my needs and I can feel when my energy isn’t balanced. I am more independent and can now make choices to direct my life in a way that feels right for me. Thank you Lida. “

Carole Paulin


“Powerful treatments. A fantastic reiki trainer also!!”

Healthy Balance Massage

Brisbane, Australia

“I wish to testify the magnificent ‘work’ undertaken with Lida. We began therapeutic sessions at an emotional moment in my life, these sessions truly empowered me and I was able to overcome my night of the Soul.

I would recommend anyone to consult Lida with the utmost trust, as I feel confident that she can assist you to find your pathway to harmony and self-empowerment.”

Federica Bacci


“I want to give recognition for all the benefits brought to me from my consultations with Lida.

During these last few years, I have had positive experiences both at a physical level and at a spiritual level in our counseling sessions. This continued when I went on to study Ayurvedic massage with her.

A big thank you to Lida for the transformations I was able to witness in all the people I sent to her: my sisters, a nephew and numerous friends. A profound thank you.’



“I consulted Lida at various times during my visits to France. Lida is a very professional therapist, whose work is effective and she has a warm, welcoming energy. Her sessions were of so much benefit that I travelled from Cannes to Nice-1hour- during that period. I would encourage anyone to seek Lida’s counsel and healing.”

Jacques Samson

Author & conference speaker

“Lida,when you taught me the Ayurvedic Science of Life and Abyhanga massage and later initiated me into Reiki Healing, you enabled me to be have a renaissance. You birthed me into the world. Since that moment my life has changed. I no longer work at the markets. I now teach yoga, I give massages and I paint. I live in joy and harmony. Since I met you, dear Lida, my life has been transformed.”

Laure Goiran

Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher

“My encounter with Lida was a blessing, thanks to her counsel my life has changed and I see the events of life with more clarity. She was able to show me the pathway of consciousness, of forgiveness, of surrender, of acceptance and that of the intuitive self. I thank the heavens for having put me on the pathway of this great soul and beautiful person – both on the inside and on the outside. I hope that the people who will read my message of gratitude towards Lida will be drawn to consult her, you will come away a much stronger and a more empowered person and you can trust her unconditionally.”



“I have had many energy sessions with Lida over a period of time via Skype. She used different healing techniques with me and I felt comfortable with all of them. I trusted her guidance & intuition completely. We explored deep issues and emotional blockages in my system and I always felt huge relief after her sessions. She always managed to create a beautiful space of love in which I could feel free to delve deep into myself. I have benefited greatly from her energy, presence and awareness which has allowed for real healing to happen within me.”



“Every session with Lida marked another step in my evolution, and I felt freer each time from the terrible pain in my lower back. However I felt a difference on many other planes as well, my thoughts became more positive, I felt more relaxed and open in my relationships.

From the depths of my heart, Thank you Lida”



“Just two words: Thank You.

After a period of depression, I had the opportunity of consulting you and the sessions totally transformed me. I now have a new found appreciation of life and a real inner peace and self -assurance, I feel accomplished and renewed.

Thank you for who you are and thank you for what you do.”



“With these few words, I would like to express my profound gratitude for the wellbeing that you brought to me during a difficult period that followed an accident that almost handicapped me for life.

On the physical plane, thanks to your professional competence, to your talent and your energy work. I regained significant mobility in movement. I was also better able to master the pain.

Another important fact, your healing methods brought me a profound reassurance and comfort. Remember how my psychological state was not the best? With your sensitivity you were able to reactivate the energies necessary for my healing. With all my appreciation and my affection.”



“Your workshops brought me feelings of love, joy and sharing.

I feel an expansion in my heart, gratitude and peace.

The practice that you transmitted has taught me to be more receptive and to listen to myself, and to what my body is telling me about what is happening at a deeper level, through its pain.

My malaise communicates to me, and I’m now thankful I am able to hear and understand it.

Thank you Lida”



“Lida’s attention has always felt like a gentle, nourishing breeze, relieving and restorative. I am grateful to have encountered her and blessed to have received her teaching of Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.

Lida’s knowledge of energetic healing has equipped me with a refined practice of recognition and connection, to self and others from which healthy growth is guided.

Lida has elevated my life skills and navigational capabilities, enabling the expression of my true needs with grace and inspiration. I trust the inner process of this self-actualisation will resonate with my exterior world and inherent relationships with pure intentions, healing and gratitude.

Lida’s gift continues to gift others, far-reaching, like ripples emanating outward in still waters. Thank you, Lida.”


Brisbane, Australia

“I can honestly say that my life changed the day I started ‘working’ with Lida. Like many busy working wives and mothers, twenty years of my life had flown by without my realizing just how fast I was getting older – and with such little time spent preparing what were supposed to be the “best years”, I felt burned out, really had no idea where I was going, or how I was going to get there…

Sweet Lida very gently enveloped me with her grace and wisdom and brought the joy back into my life that I had thought I may have lost forever (I must say I knew it was in there somewhere!). One year later I still cannot say how she did it, she used no apparent method or recipe, we just talked and shared and she knew so much that I wanted to know. I am a fairly down to earth sort of person and am surprised at myself for using these words but I feel that Lida found the key to unlock my soul and when the door was open, she showed me the love, beauty and energy that were there. I miss her terribly, but her gift will stay with me forever.”

Vanessa Gheorghiu

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practitioner

“When I consulted Lida by phone, I was dealing with issues of procrastination, lack of effective communication, not speaking my truth, low self- esteem. What I gained, is her incredible knowledge & the helpful methods she shared with me. She challenged & guided me gently. My life is quickly, moving forward for the best through the blocks!!!! I highly recommend Lida!! If you want positive change!! She’s your gal! Thank you Lida !!”

Wendy Cone

Sunshine Coast

“My experience with Lida has been life-changing.  I am very grateful to her for helping me understand myself better as well as the world around me. Thanks to that I live my life to its full potential.

There was a battle within me during that period of transformation. It was not easy for me to look at the painful moments and events, or even the negative feelings I was hiding deep within me. It was necessary to deal with all of this, and Lida was my guiding hand, first of all in helping me search for what I really needed to think about, sometimes we do not know how to help ourselves.

Lida is very good at this, she gently guided me to different moments in life and to different moments in time, then very importantly she would help me feel the energy block, then encourage me to let go of it and fill it up with peace and love instead. Slowly but surely I got stronger, I became happier with myself and the rest of the world. It was so wonderful!

I still work on myself as you can always improve, things are still happening, but I am on another level now, and that is thanks to Lida. I am Christian and I love God and Jesus Christ, sometimes God deals with us directly, but sometimes he uses people through whom he talks and works, and I think He has blessed Lida to do great things and to help people.

I can highly recommend Lida to everyone! “



“I heard about Lida through word of mouth. I’m from WA so we conducted skype sessions online.

I was 10 years into a complex mental disorder which you could best diagnose as PTSD and OCD.

I had read all sorts of books and visited many professionals over that time period so I had no expectations for success.

Lida’s a very grounded and calm person and it naturally rubs off in the sessions. She introduced me to new topics and tools to help sharpen my discipline and be able to regain my own composure in stressful situations.

I began doing things in my life that I had long since known that I should be doing but never had any available motivation to get around to.

She seems to understand where you’re at mentally and provides the right guidance for that stage of your development.

Her guided healing processes always leave me feeling refreshed and re-energised. I’m about 12 sessions in now and I’ve made huge improvements in my mental clarity.

I have been given a second wind to take my life to the next level”



“I consulted Lida via Skype at a time when I was at a dead end. I had doubts about every aspect of my life and felt really quite lost. Lida helped me … to look deeply at my core issues and bring clarity and a sense of empowerment into my life.
I have learnt to use my mind and heart as one, to listen and to act upon my intuition, to distinguish my inner voice amongst all those conditioned voices rattling in my brain. To feel my fear and do it anyway which is not always that easy.
I now allow myself time and space when I need it. I am learning to accept and to love myself as I am and to take care of my needs as well as to take my inner dreams seriously.
Thanks to the breathing techniques and meditation that I have learnt with Lida, I now feel so much closer to my essence.

My relationships with others have improved, as I become more fluent in using the non-violent communication strategy I have learnt.
Thank you Lida, you really helped me to see clearer and to understand the meaning and the importance of life. I have become mindful, calmer and more focused .I know now that I want to live my life in a heart and soul centred way. And that it’s ok to do so”

Jade Facchin-Gilloux

Fashion Designer