Lida is a qualified Art Teacher and taught in Brisbane for a number of years. During that period she observed that emotional blockages and thought forms often prevented many of her students from expressing their creativity.

This led her to explore and experiment with techniques that access right brain creativity to stimulate artistic self- expression. As a result, students’ creative potential was released and they became more empowered creatively and in other scholastic areas.

During her time in Brisbane, Lida studied under a metaphysical teacher, Michel Asmar, and undertook an intense, personal meditation practice which enriched her daily teaching. Inspired by her success in the classroom, Lida went on to study Psycho-Energetic Healing and Attitudinal Healing in Austria and in Italy and was certified in 1998. These learnings clarified her life purpose – to enable individuals to step into their personal power and live their passion by clearing limiting patterns and beliefs.