One-on-One Reiki Supervision

One-on-One Reiki Supervision

Reiki professionals and home practitioners benefit from the perspective and input of an experienced professional.

Lida has been practicing Reiki personally and professionally for thirty years in various wellness settings, including palliative care and a veteran’s hospice, and teaching Reiki for twenty-two years

Lida offers individual mentoring sessions to Reiki practitioners at all levels and from all Reiki lineages or practice styles.

These Reiki mentoring sessions are for those who are either currently practising Reiki professionally or are preparing to do so to help you gain clarity, confidence, and mastery in your service.

Session focus can be on unanswered questions you have, including:

  • Ethical practice
  • Fine-tuning table technique
  • Feedback on table session hand work
  • How your Reiki practice can assist someone experiencing a life challenge
  • Discuss unfamiliar energetic phenomenon that may occur in a session
  • Review prior written material and/or class material
  • Prepare for next level of Reiki training (Levels 1 or 2 pre-requisite)
  • Revise Mental and Distance Healing procedures if needed
  • Address difficulties in your practice building
  • How to transition your home practice to become a professional with paying clients
  • Review your website and communication materials

Cost : $120 for a focused 60 minute session:

One-on-One Reiki mentoring sessions for those who are either currently practicing Reiki professionally or preparing to do so. Ask questions, get clarity, and go deeper with your Reiki practice.

Either via phone or Zoom at the pre-arranged time

[email protected]

What Clients Say

I didn’t really know what Reiki was when I first
found Lida. What I knew was that I didn’t feel like I
wanted to speak to a therapist or a psychologist
because I felt like I needed something else. What I
also knew was that I didn’t want to ‘do’ the next
forty years in the same way I did the first forty, so I
was going to try something new and unfamiliar.

From Lida’s voice (which is so calming and
sincere), to what she says (when mentoring, active
listening etc) to the way to she gives a healing, it is
profound and professional.After some regular
sessions with Lida, I decided to sign up to her
Reiki Level 1 – which I loved! Then Level 2 and
Level 3. I felt the best I had in a long time!It is
actually hard to describe how joyful and peaceful I
have become.

Even though I can now give myself healings, I still
have appointments with Lida because her
mentoring is valuable to me both personally and
as a professional Reiki practitioner. I would highly recommend Lida.

Prue Brown, Brisbane

“Lida, I am so grateful for the mentorship you’ve given me over the last year as I began my own paid reiki practice. I lacked confidence in myself as a practitioner and thanks to your guidance I have made so much progress that I now feel that I am in ‘the zone ‘as I give healings. Finally, I feel at ease as a professional. Thank you.