Level One – Opening the Channel and Activating the Inner Healer

Reiki Level One is a two day course during which you will receive four attunements as well as information about the history and practice of this ancient healing modality. You will learn a simple hands-on technique for healing self and others and understand the root cause of illness and disorder and how we heal. The focus during Level One is on opening energy channels on a physical level allowing you to connect to the universal life-force energy which flows from the cosmos through the crown of your head and down to your heart and hands.


Increases sensitivity

More grounded, calmer and balanced

Releases fear and limiting beliefs

Acquires a self-healing practice

Strengthens intuition

Prerequisite: None

Fee: $450

13th – 14th May 2023

Reiki is a powerful yet simple, transformative healing art.

LEVEL ONE is a first step towards healing the mind, body & spirit for yourself, your family, friends, pets.

It rapidly restores balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Course content:

– Learn the history of Reiki
– What Reiki is and how it works
– How to practice healing on others, hand positions and treatment ethics
– Theory of the energy body, chakras, nadis to enhance your understanding of how and why healing occurs
– Learn how to clear energy blocks within the chakras, meridians and energy bodies
– Learn how to harmonize the nervous system
– Accelerate the body’s self- healing ability
– Promote deep relaxation, soothing agitation and anxiety
– Deepen awareness of the Self
– Re-establish a deeper mind-body and Soul connection

Please Contact Lida at [email protected] for any further information .

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Maximum of 10 students to ensure individualised attention.

Tuition fee :$450

To secure your spot pay the full fee by 14th April 2023 to:

Account Name: Lida Zannier ATF Ignite Trust

BSB / Account No: 034026 / 590438

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