What is Tapping?

Tapping is a transformational technique that can lead to emotional and mental freedom. Emotions are created by our thoughts. Negative thoughts about our lives often disrupt the body’s energy meridians which cause emotional discord including anxiety, PTSD, grief, anger, phobias, addictions and low self-esteem.


Tapping specifically targets any emotional weaknesses, reprogramming the mind and rebalancing the body’s meridians.

The effects of tapping are instantaneous, calming and often profound. Tapping is a simple and effective technique that you can experience and learn and practice to assist you with transforming core issues and limiting beliefs, weight loss and stress reduction. The effects of tapping are long lasting and accompanied by positive changes in thinking and behaviour.

What Clients Say

“Lida has an amazing, intuitive healing ability which has changed the way I see the world. Following a difficult period in my life, Lida has helped me to see my fears, release energy blockages and look for the goodness in each soul.  With her guidance, my relationships have improved, I am happier, communicate from my heart, I am more peaceful and see the positive life lessons in each challenging experience.”

Brisbane, Australia

“When you meet Lida the sun comes out. Her kindness, understanding and compassion helped me through a very serious life crisis. Thank you, Lida.”

Brisbane, Australia