Reiki Courses

Reiki courses are taught on the weekends.  During the teachings you will learn healing techniques and you will open your sensitivity to subtle energies. These courses include energy activations (attunements) which are the key to positive changes that most participants notice straight away. The courses are grouped into levels 1-3 each level followed by a 21 day healing and transformative period.

There is a progressive flowering of psychic abilities with each course as well as a more profound connection with the Higher Self.

Reiki is first and foremost a way of Being. It is also a path for self-healing and personal development with the possibility of bringing healing to others through presence, integrity and either hands-on or an ‘in-absence’ healing method.

Essentially your own innate ability to heal is activated through a standardised process called ‘attunements’ and transmitted by the Reiki Master Teacher. Once attuned to Reiki, it is for life and you can connect with Reiki energy at any time and receive healing for self and others.

Level One, Level Two, Level Three & Reiki Master Teacher workshops are offered.


What Clients Say

“Reiki is an immense energy and after this two day workshop, I can feel it. Two days ago I felt nervous, now I feel lots of energy,and I am relaxed and happy. My hands have become very sensitive and heat up. I am buzzing with energy and I feel more open-minded and ready to embrace a new dimension of healing.“

Physiotherapist, Brisbane, Australia


“Lida is a wealth of knowledge and a master at her craft. Loved completing the Reiki level one with her and look forward to further my reiki in the next level.“

Tanya Deary
Brisbane, Australia


“The Reiki One Workshop was truly transformational. The amount of joy and peace I have received is beyond words. I would 100% recommend healing sessions with Lida and/or a Reiki Initiation. She is a highly skilled healer and an amazing human being.“

Nic L
Brisbane, Australia