Psyco-Energetic Healing

What is Psychoenergetic Healing?

Psycho-energetic Healing combines talk therapy with the vibrational power of energy healing to restore physical well-being and emotional and spiritual harmony.

Psychoenergetic Healing is a collaborative process between you, the practitioner, and higher-vibrational energies.  Thoughts, feelings and behavioural habits are patterned energy. Psychoenergetic healing occurs when the energies that charge our feelings, thoughts, memories and habits, change. Trauma, emotions and memories become imprinted on us at an energetic level and although we might have a cognitive understanding of our issues, without energy healing, negative energy frequencies remain within our bodies causing us to repeat harmful behavioural patterns and live with unresolved issues.

During Psychoenergetic Healing you are guided to a heightened state of awareness which enables you to observe the flow of energies within your body and identify areas of energetic disturbance. As you open your awareness to the information contained in blocked areas, higher-vibrational healing begins instantaneously. Over several healing sessions, behavioural patterned energy is dissolved and your energy fields are recalibrated.

These sessions can be conducted in-person or via Skype or phone where Lida links into your vibratory signature, guides you to connect with energy blocks, shift them and receive healing energy.


Psychoenergetic Healing is a powerful tool for restoring mind, body and spirit equilibrium and for healing past-life trauma, and karmic entanglements. It supports healing for:

  • Past or present life trauma
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Anger
  • Addictions
  • Relationship issues,
  • Spiritual crises and limiting beliefs
  • Co-dependency and self–esteem issues
  • Pain, grief and loss

What Clients Say

“I experienced Energy Therapy over a number of sessions with Lida Zannier. She is a born healer. I found Lida very helpful and positive, deeply insightful and practical. She is able to sense what is going on in your body on a physical and energetic level and knows exactly what you need. I had an amazing experience with Lida and would highly recommend her services. “

Brisbane, Australia 


“I found Lida … when I was at my lowest, from my first appointment I felt better. Lida’s ability to listen, support and guide is transformational, her hands on healing work can be felt to the core. We are on a healing journey together and I am so grateful to Lida for supporting and guiding me back to radiant health.” 

Artist and Small Business Owner
Sunshine Coast,  Australia