What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful ancient hands-on healing technique that creates balance and harmony between the mind and body, and emotional and spiritual spheres. Reiki takes place fully clothed.

A life-force energy, chi, flows throughout our bodies and sometimes it can become depleted or blocked. Facilitated by a practitioner, Reiki works with the body’s innate wisdom and natural ability to self-heal. The practitioner accesses energy and channels it through a series of hand placements along your body to restore chi and dissolve energy blockages and relieve stress.  It works to enable healing where and how it is needed. Reiki can be of great benefit if sessions are undertaken regularly.


Reiki can increase your sensitivity to chi, provide clarity around your life’s purpose, increase present moment awareness, facilitate a deeper level of soul connection and assist you to be more attuned to your inner wisdom and intuition. It has powerful restorative powers and can provide:

  • Relief from chronic pain and chronic illness
  • Relief from anxiety and depression
  • Relief from fatigue, insomnia and menopause symptoms
  • Heart rate and blood pressure regulation
  • Renewed energy and vitality
  • Release from past trauma and psychological wounds
  • Release from complex, negative emotion stored in the body
  • Stress relief and deep relaxation

What Clients Say

“Lida is a highly professional trainer and she describes how subtle energy works in detail with lots of visuals. I felt respected and met at my own level of comprehension. In this way I felt comfortable to explore this new body of knowledge at my own pace. The environment was friendly and comfortable. The Reiki One workshop was a beautiful and uplifting experience and I am looking forward to the Reiki Two workshop. Thank you Lida.”

Gabriele Durigan
Miner / Sunshine Coast, Australia



“Lida is a highly skilled therapist and teacher. I have completed three levels of reiki training with her and plan to do a fourth. Lida has amazing knowledge across many healing modalities and plenty of practiced wisdom to apply which she shares both skilfully and sensitively. Lida also has a great sense of humour which I greatly appreciate in a therapist. ? She has the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and ethics which she imparts to her Reiki students. I can’t recommend Lida highly enough.“

University Lecturer / Sunshine Coast, Australia



“The Reiki workshops met and exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to seeing where the journey goes next. Thanks Lida! You’re amazing.“

Adele Browne
Barber / Brisbane, Australia